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City Council Elections

November 5, 2019

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If you have driven on East Avenue or used the South Lake Trail any time in the last few months you’ve seen rapid progress at the site of the new boating center. The trail has been attractively re-routed, the driveways have been set out and the parking areas are under development. Just this week work began in the water to prepare for the creation of the new ramps.

Watch for details here about the Boat Ramp Opening Ceremonies later this year.

East Avenue Redesign

The City is developing a “complete street” plan for East Avenue which will improve its usability and safety for all types of users: pedestrians, cyclists, drivers and those hauling boats! You can view the design ideas and weigh in with the survey here.

Honoring Ray Goodgame

CCoLF would like to express its gratitude for the long service of Ray Goodgame, City Councilor, who passed away on July 28. Ray was a fair and open-minded city official and we thank him for the support he showed for CCoLF and its efforts on behalf of saving Hiawatha Park and re-situating the new boat ramp at its current location.

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